Name: Nanyene "Nany" Darkbow

Race: Kaldorei, Night Elf

Age: Seems young, but not very young.

Eyes: White glowing with softness in her eyes.

Clothing Style: Leather, mail. She doesn't like to wear dresses, only for speciel events.

Speaking Style: Darnassian, Common.

Career: Sentinel of the guild Winterblades

Best Qualities: Her respect for the nature. She always follow orders.

Worst Qualities: She doesn't talk much, keeping her own mind for herself, letting all her rage stay under her skin, but then suddenly throw it all out on something that makes her really really mad.

Weakness: Arguments and fighting.

Hobbies: Taking care of her pet, walking in Ashenvale. She likes to scout.

Talents: Beastmaster. Watching and learning fast.

Story: Back in the days where the World Tree still was intact Nanyene was born into a family of many hunters. She had just completed her hunter training, when the village she lived in was attacked by orcs who wanted more blood on their blades. They were too few to fight off all the orcs. Nanyene's older friend, Wenry, was in combat with the other orcs far away from the village. Wenry's parents were killed during the attack on the village and she blames Nanyene for it. Wenry ended an old friendship in seconds. Ever since, Wenry hated Nanyene for what happened to the village and her beloved parents. But it was not Nanyenes fault. She was too scared and too young. But now, after so many years, Nanyene has learned how to live with the blame, although she often has nightmares about the burning huts and fallen, innocent Kaldorei.

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