Early days Nathon Jonotrom was an outcast in society, acting "stupidly" and came across as the geeky type. He spent his days researching history and playing with arcane magic which he wasnt very talented at but wish he was. He had a friend called Janeck Bent. Janeck was the same age as Nathon being 15 and both shared the same title as a social outcast.

Nathon also had an extreme interest in drawing things in a strange style by the pandaren called "emina". Nathon had an extreme eating disorder ( as he called it) but really he was just a plain loser. Janek was the opposite as was quite skinny and weak, this was perfect as it made jonathon feel more manly about himself. They also used to compare their pubes, them each only having 3-4 single strands of 2mm hairs. Nathon and Janeck started to expeiriance their love for each other when they started comparing their penis sizes. They both had a 2" penis erect but Nathons being 1mm longer made him feel even more manly.

At 16 they desided to leave Gilneas to Stormwind to learn more about the world and join a more excepting culture for homosexuals. But that fatful day stormwind was attacked and orcs and trolls looted, pillaged and raped all in their path. Nathon and Janeck obviously enjoyed orc penis but were eventualy over come and was inpaled to far by a long troll penis. Their legacy is lost forever as they had no friends and no one cared, their corpses were transported to Northrend and turned into scourge by the Lich King. They now serve as his royal idiots and still carry out their relation after death even though their limbs are coming loose. The END!

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