Niboo Thraze






Troll ( Forest Troll )

Character class

Death Knight


Sixty Thieves

Description Edit

Name: Niboo Thraze

Age: 23

Race: Forest Troll

Body Type: Average, agile. Facial attributes: No extra hair growth, and his tusks are cut down to mere stumps.

Complexion: Green Eyes: A deep flaring blue (literally)

Hair: Light blue, kept short

Clothing Style: Either armoured in leather, or clothed in dark robes.

General Demeanor: Proud, arrogant, and obviously looks down upon all lesser races.

Career: As a hunter, money is not of great interest.

Best Qualities: Excellent swordsman and loyal to his religion

Worst Qualities: Hardly thinks before he acts, suffers illusions of grandeur.

Weakness: Overestimating himself.

Hobbies: Hunting for artifacts, pissing off his mate.

Talents: Hand-to-hand combat

Biography Edit

Born in Revantusk Village. As a kid, he always sought out the dangers, never caring about what his parents advised him against. This nearly proved fatal, as one day his audacity lead to him being attacked by a great white shark. Miraculously, he survived the encounter, and in a near-death experience he learned that it were the Loa who saved him.

The very next day, he took up training as a shadow hunter, having vowed to himself to loyally serve those who had spared his life. He proved to be a good student, although his hunting skills were not as excellent, he made up for it with his accurate religious judgement, and his swordfighting skills.

At the age of 16, he had completed his training. And in the very same month, his life crashed down upon him. Far away in the lands of Durotar, the Horde had taken a tribe of trolls under its wing, and their influence was spreading like a plague. The Revantusk chose to be friendly with the Horde, out of fear of another enemy in their lands. As a result, the tribe could witness the feminization of the Darkspear, and their dumbing down of their religion. To Niboo's horror, the Revantusk did exactly the same.

Feeling betrayed by his own tribe, Niboo left the tribe, and moved into the belly of the beast. Settled in Orgrimmar, he started to preform public rituals, hoping the Darkspear would remember their ways properly. Yet without success: not only the orcs stood up against his gross display of ritual blood and gore, even the Darkspear prioritised their relation with the Horde over anything.

Niboo was forced to retreat to the shadows of Orgrimmar, the Drag. There he was lured into the guild of the Sixty Thieves. He may not have shared any goal with them, the relationship was one of mutual benefits. And not soon later was this proven, when a fellow thief, Trick, introduced him to Niboo's current mate, Zhimda Tzi'jin, a Darkspear exile and true Blooddrinker.

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