Nilda Meyrick


Knight Crusader






Argent Crusade, Alliance





Character Class



Lawful Good


Hillsbrad Foothills Fields


Height: 163 cm

Eyes: Light brown

Hair: Shoulder-long hair, brown.

Clothing: Armor or Leather/cloth garments

Speech: Slow and clear tone. Lordaeron accent when very annoyed or scared.

Age: Eighteen (18)

Prejudices: Doesn't trust Death Knights.

Best Quality: Determined.

Worst Qualities: Naive

Weakness: Easily trusting (exception Death Knights).

Talents: Fast learner.

Scar: Right arm, elbow-area is a scar from an operation. Side of the waist, horizontal scar from an axe. On her stomach she carries 4 round scars of bulletwounds.



She was born in Hillsbrad Foothills in the fields eighteen years ago. Her mother was murdered with the Orc attack when she was quite young. Otherwise, she simply travelled with and helped her father on the fields.

Years passed as Nilda grew into a young woman, slowly losing the interest in the calm and peacefull life on the fields. Being raised by a loving father it took her a long time to find the courage to decide that she needed a change. She felt the urge to leave her peacefull and calm life growing day by day untill she finally decided it was time to move on and take her own path in life.

Arrival in StormwindEdit

Wishing to learn more of the arts of combat, she travelled to Stormwind in search of a mentor. With nothing more then a few copper coins and the dress she wore when she left home she met a man called Garodin Silversmith. Not once it crossed her mind that this meeting would change her life entirely. Due to coincidence an old friend of Silversmith returned around the same time that they met.

Fate treated Nilda kindly by being introduced to Tyzai Revain and not becoming one of his many victims. As a young and innocent girl she travelled with them to Ashenvale where they chose to both train her in the ways of combat.

However, she had to swear an oath of loyalty so the two man began teaching her in their own ways. Tyzai in the ways of combat and cunning, and Garodin in the ways of the three S's (Stamina, Speed and Strenght).

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