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Pomlys PutikEdit

Pomlys Putik was born in Gnomeregan 153 years ago. He found experimenting as interesting as any other gnome, but the machines was a little bit to dead for him, He wanted something more living. Instead of riding mechanic stryders with the other young gnomes he sat inside and read books about alchemy, chemistry and magic. he read book after book and learned more and more. But just reading about all this amazing stuff of course wasn't enough.

Pomlys found out that he did not have any talent to cast magic so he decided to try out the Alchemistik part first. It was easier that way all he needed was right the ingredients and the right conditions, Pomlys had both so he was ready to go. He mixed together all sorts of things, potions, elixirs and of course poison. And by using the alchemy he had learned to catch animals alive the next step was to try out his biologi and chimik knowledge he had learned. He tried his skills out by simply open the animals up looking around and do experiment, which often led to the animals death. Pomlys experiment on almost every race in Dun Morogh (At least you would think so). But there were two very special races he hadn't opened up yet, the dwarfs and his own race the gnomes. So Pomlys decided it was time to see what it looked like in there and he know exactly who to try it on.

Pomlys had a friend named Wiggie Fisslespoket. Wiggie was nice gnome may be a bit to happy but thay go along. Pomysl invited him over one day and gave him his special tea, well at least thats what he said when it actually were a still "special made" sleeping potion. Wiggie did not survive Pomlys experiments for too long so Pomlys needed a new lab rat and a new after that and one after that, and so continue. No one really thought much about the dispersants of people. Gnomes and dwarfs had always disappeared by either wild beast or the troggs so Pomlys just kept on doing what he did. 

Pomlys decided to confirm his knowledge in other word get his doctors degree. the test for it were no problem for Pomlys so he easily got his title doctor, Doctor Pomlys Putik.

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