Ratharyn Winterleaf
Druid Night elf by Magui chan

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Night Elf

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An expert in the flora and fauna of the world.

Mother: Alorial Winterleaf, Father: Amni Yazid

Born from the bequiling Priestess Alorial and an obscure dark skinned alchemist known as Amni.

Neutral Good

Ratharyns only true allegiance lies with nature and the druidic orders. She holds allegiance to Ysera the Dreamer and waits for her day to enter the Emerald Dream.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Ratharyn is a tall, graceful Elf with amber eyes and white hair. She bares the markings of the leaf on her face indicating her loyalty to the Dreamer.

Personal HistoryEdit

Born in Felwood Forest before it fell to the skull of Gul'dan, she meant much of her early years in the company of her father. He instilled in her a love for the different plant life that once thrived in the great forest. She would often assist him with his research into the blights and plagues that would upset the natural balance of her home and watched as her father became increasingly concerned of the Burning Legions movement across Azeroth.

Her mother was a loving individual although appeared aloof being increasingly tied to her duties as a priestess when the Legion began it's assault. When the presence of the Skull of Gul'dan became clear to her parents they approached the furbolgs wishing them to see her safely taken to Moonglade. This was the last time Ratharyn saw either of her parents and despite returning to Felwood to help restore natures balance there, she has since been unable to learn of their fates.

Ratharyn was still an adolescent when she first reached Moonglade, at 250 years of age she was a relatively young Night Elf and today could be considered reaching maturity. This is reflected in her impulsiveness and her optimism to see the world restored to its true glory. When she reached Moonglade she began continuing her fathers legacy in monitoring and assisting the Druids with the well-being of their forest. It as during this time the silver of her eyes gave way to a deep, rich amber and as puberty began to end so did her life as a Druid begin.

Taken to the Keeper Remulos by Loganaar to speak of the development of her amber eyes the two great Druids began the instruction and her aptitude for the Druidic powers became apparent.

Some have observed that having spent a lot of time around the other races of the Alliance she appears more open minded about the potential of her Human counterparts; having experienced their valour and fearlessness in the face of death.

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