Rai'che Swiftstar




Night Elf



Character Class

Priestess, Shadow Mage


Alliance, Sisterhood of Elune


Dar'relar Nastrasz (father), Niliande Swiftleaf (mother)


Neutral Good

Rai'che Swiftstar, known as "Rai" or "Rei" to her friends, is a young Night Elven Priestess native to the area around Mount Hyjal that eventually became known as Felwood. She has dabbled in the arts of Shadow Magic to provide a means to defend herself against the increasingly hostile world around her.


Born as Rai'che'zuva'vora'thie-Zwarr'nastrasz, the only child of Dar'relar Nastrasz and Niliande Swiftleaf, Rai'che grew up in a homestead in the foothills of Mount Hyjal. Her father was the son of a servant-family in Zin-Azshari, and had been raised with a resentment for the Kaldorei that turned against the Highborne. Because of this most of Rai'che's immediate family lived in relative seclusion from the rest of Kaldorei society and practiced cultural traditions commonly associated with the Highborne - albiet within modern Kaldorei law - including an archaic naming convention, giving Rai'che her distinct name.

Her mother did not share all of the same sentiments, but never the less Rai'che grew up with very little understanding of common Kaldorei society. Her eventual decision to become a Priestess of Elune did not come over well to her family, in particular her father, who only grudgingly accepted her decision as she came of age.

Personality and TraitsEdit

A quiet and gentle soul, Rai'che is still young by the standards of most Kaldorei. By her very nature, she is nurturing and kind, looking to help others as best she can, whenever she can. She is however meek and sometimes naïve, with very little confidence outside of her direct areas of expertise, and the allure of profit can often cause her to lose her respectful and patient nature to meet short-term goals.

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