Relithien Shadowgrove


Infiltrator, Druid of the Wild, Subversive




12.500+ year (unclear)


The Kaldorei, Winterblades


Chaotic Neutral



Physical appearance Edit

Relithien is rather small for his kin, standing at a mere 6'5" (1.96 metres), leading him to be less bulky and giving him a more nimble form. Nonetheless centuries of training left him a well-toned body, only blemished by scars of many sizes littering his skin. Ever-present on his face is a rugged beard, along with a charming smile whilst his hair is more often then not uncombed and lingering infront of his face

When seen in his full combat gear, a pair of daggers are usually sheated by his belt while two axes are strapped to his back, sometimes accompanied by a quiver and simple shortbow.

Character Edit

He has an unwavering faith in his own abilities, knowledge and convictions ,which some might perceive as arrogance. Relithien will relentlessly strive to reach whatever goal he sets his eyes on, wether his methods are morally questionable or not. While he sometimes seems to act impulsive, most of his actions are carefully calculated or planned out.


With the recent invasions in Ashenvale from both Sin'dorei and Gurubashi origins, combined with the absence the Regiment's general, Relithien has taken it upon himself to lead the Winterblades into combat, after a prolonged time of guiding them, he has recently been given the rank of Commander; acting as second-in-command, but also main tactician, formulating all the Winterblades' strategies and plans.

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