Remnants of Lordaeron (The First Company of Lordaeron)

Type of organisation

RP-WPvP guild


Rohwyn Aethelbrand Leomin

Secondary leaders

Aramus Galenos, Valdar Arnot, Rhaenna Callien


Any, though mostly human





The First Company of Lordaeron is a small military company formed for the purpose of retaking and rebuilding one of humanity's fairest kingdoms. Although the Company's eventual goals lie in what are now the Plaguelands, it is also concerned with protecting the northern borders of current Alliance territory and with aiding other Alliance factions. The Company's current headquarters is in Southshore, where its soldiers endeavour to aid the people of Hillsbrad against the threats of both the Forsaken and the Syndicate.

The First company disbanded in 2009, though its' members are still active members of the Defias Brotherhood roleplaying community.

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