Crimsonflame Rjihn Vasparia
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Character classes



The Alliance, The Scarlet Crusade, The Crimson Flame


Member of The Crimson Flame


Crusader Rjihn Vasparia

Born in Stormwind, raised at the orphanage as her mother supposedly died giving birth to her, and her father died in battle. At the age of fifteen she started her training as a Paladin in Stormwind, and the ways of the Light.

Her faith to the Light was fairly weak when she first started off as a squire, but it rose as she fought the scourge at the Plaguelands and saw what the corruption did to poor souls. Her hate towards the Scourge awakened when her friends got killed in battle and raised as undead before her eyes, and she swore revenge on the Scourge and the Lich King.

But one day, the King of Stormwind betrayed Rjihn and the Light, the day he let Death Knights walk the streets of her hometown.

Vasparia then left her hometown searching for a better place to stay amongst living, breathing people. That was when she stumbeled upon the Commander of the Crimson Flame and his men in Ironforge. Not many words needed to be exchanged before he took the young Paladin under his arm and in to the Crimson Flame.

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