Rohim Dethrohan
Los dracula by ladycerbero-d4o7mzi
Atop his throne.


Head of Family Dethrohan






Balance, Family Dethrohan, The Dark Sphere, The Faithless






Lawful Neutral


Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains


Marnius(Brother), Corvil(Brother),Damnatzio Dethrohan(Son), Falirath Dethrohan(Nephew), Cathlyn(Niece)


The man before you, reaching an astounding height of two meters, seems to carry an extraordinary balance between what can be considered harsh and gentle. Withering, long hair outlines the elderly man’s facial features, bringing attention to the darkened blue eyes that demand authority as much as they offer comfort. The figure seems to demand outmost respect and loyalty as you stand within his presence, granting a sense of calm to those that do not oppose his power.

Long blackened robes with silver lining and details hang from the noble stature of Rohim Dethrohan, a silken mask covering his face to just beneath his eyes. His clothing rarely changes nor rips, making it seem like he is less of a fighter but more of a scholar; at further view, this assumption is gravely false.

He views most with the expression of a judge, his gaze calculating his next move and your intentions as a lesser according to him.


Height: 2 meters (6.6 feet)

Eyes: Dark blue.

Hair: His grey/white hair hangs down upon his shoulders.

Clothing: A dark noble outfit with a dark grey robe with silver details. He also wears a black mask that is covering his face up to his nose.

Speech: He speaks with a very noble tone yet his voice is sometimes a bit echoing.

Prejudice: Fanatics and faithful.


"Time will tell..." - A quote often used by members of the Dethrohan family, origins from Rohim.

"You have to have seen both sides of the coin, my child." - Rohim's explaination to the faithful members of the community.

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