Rowhen Frostlune


Early 30's








The Wild Raven



Current Occupation





None alive

Current Alignment

Chaotic Neutral

Details Edit

  • Name: Rowhen Frostlune (Rowenah)
  • Age: Forgotten/Unknown. But her looks would give her away as being in her early 30's.
  • Birthday: --
  • Height: 5'11 / 1m80
  • Weight: 154 lbs / 70 kg
  • Body Type: Toned to a degree, yet still obviously feminine. She is the type of woman which sometimes needs to remind male interlocutors that her eyes are slightly "further up". Both of these facts, explaining her weight, compared to her height.
  • Face Type: --
  • Complexion: Fair, but not to an unhealthy point. Her skin has a tight, smooth grain, and seems to bear no scars at a first glance.
  • Eyes: Frost blue, delicate, filled with tales best left unspoken. Alongside, often comes defiance, challenge, and playfulness, in the best of situations.
  • Hair: A deep, silky black; alike flowing ink. Long and elegantly styled when time permits.
  • Clothing Style: Refined, and dark. When she is not wearing her armor, she can be seen favoring robes which would suit magisters and warlocks to perfection. The only thing to remain with her, through any change of garb, is a trusted blade.
  • Speaking Style: Her voice is deep, rich and nonchalant...Bordering on seduciveness when something, or, someone, catches her eyes. She always speaks posedly, even when being insulting. Her tone is definitely Gilnean, although her accent is not thick.
  • General Demeanor: Cold, collected serenity, and neutrality. If her interest, and her curiosity are piqued, however, she can become rather flirtatious and teasing, provoking others for a good reaction. In any case, her wits are usually not lacking, and she will answer to insults with more or less well thought retorts, not being one to just suffer blows directed at her...No matter if they are physical, or moral.
  • Career: --
  • Hobbies: She can be seen wandeing the streets and woods by night more than she would ever do by day, spending alot of time into stargazing. She is well learned, and enjoys the company of books, although she can also quickly get bored with them. Her favorite past-time, would be to make people feel uncomfortable.
  • Talents: --
  • Best Qualities: Physically Strong, Willful, Witful and Cunning.
  • Worst Qualities: Stubborn, often Over-daring and taunting, Curious.
  • Weaknesses: A penchant for sado-masochism (Read: In general).
  • Prejudices: --

Background Edit

Coming soon

Musical World Edit

Rowhen's "Theme Songs": Artésia - Quand vient la Nuit

OOC Notes Edit

Only one of her weaknesses is mentionned here to avoid any conscious or subconscious metagaming. She of course, has more than that.

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