Ryvial Dor'athan


Around 95 years




Blood Elf

Character class



Circle of Serpents


Blade for hire


Harandur (sibling, alive), Sadral (sibling, alive), Qualandir (sibling, deceased)


Missing In Action

"I'm waiting for some idiot to come and offer me a drink. Then I'll rob and kill him afterwards"'


Ryvial is petite, agile bodied blood elf female of average size. Her eyes are bright fel green, giving her a sickly look against her pale skin. Her lips are pale aswell, same colour as her skin.

Ryvial is dressed in leathery armor at all times, and she also has weapons strapped to her belt. If not, she is carrying hidden blades.


Ryvial was born to the House of Dor'athan. Her mother died at the childbirth, Ryvial becoming the last offspring of Elysea and Daranorth Dor'athan.

The Dor'athan siblings. Qualandir, Harandur, Sadral and Ryvial.

Ryvial has three older brothers; Harandur, the firstborn of the family, Qualandir and Sadrel, youngest of the brothers. Her father was overly strict, and he began training his children at their early age, to follow the trade of the family. All of Dor'athan had been rogues and mercenaries, and the children grew up to be ones aswell.

Ryvial's father was murdered by her second oldest brother, Qualandir, when she was at the age of 80 years. Her father had decided to make Ryvial his heiress due to her superiority to her brothers, which angered her elder siblings, driving Qualandir to kill their father.

Ryvial and her brothers left to different directions after their father's death, and the family fortunes were split between all of the children, as their father had not left a last will.


Ryvial lives in the Silvermoon City at the moment. She is initiate of the group Circle of Serpents and works as a mercenary to the Horde, running business whenever she is paid enough.

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