Sargador Dahan is a man interested in gathering information through strolling around, documenting things falling into his interest into his notebook. Dressed in dark studded leathers in an attempt to blend into most of the sceneries he walk through. Whenever running out of interesting things to put on his mind he tends to throw himself into situations often briefly making him the center of attention, attempting to start up new intrigues or merely trying to see what strings can be pulled in his surroundings. Dahan is a surname taken by himself in order to avoid further situations meeting Agnathor Thorian, a man claiming to be his brother, which Sargador promptly refuses to agree upon.

Details Edit

  • Name: Sargador Dahan
  • Age: Hard to determine, looks of a middleaged man.
  • Body Type: Fit rather than muscular. Far from hulking.
  • Face Type: Sharp cheekbones hidden behind tended facialhair.
  • Complexion: Somewhat pale skintone with sharp bones and defined musculature.
  • Special treats: A bit unstable in movement. Tends to "tic" and get issues whenever he converses.
  • Eyes: Although hidden behind a hat or narrowed, saphire blue would be a good way of describing it.
  • Hair: Untended halflong black hair hanging straight down.
  • Clothing Style: Studded leathers in the dark spectra, black hat, boots and pants. Under his leathers a neatly tailored shirt is covering his arms
  • Speaking Style: Quite slow and dragging, almost creating a somewhat dim approach.
  • Equipment: A spyglass hanging from his belt and a notebook.

Current interestsEdit

(coming soon)

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