Current InformationEdit

Quiet and happy mostly to all she meets. She rarely gets mad at anyone but if she does she doesn't hold it for very long but it depends on how far they push her. Can be very shy at first but is easily used to fellow Pandaren. Has trained pretty hard and has mastered alot of spells, Her training is nearly complete. She is also a proffesional singer, She would carry around a microphone and a gnomish music player at all times which she keeps stuffed in her backpack. She is like a leaf in the wind, But a big strong tough leaf with swords and magic and stuff. Always carries a stuffed Nightingale bird with her which she likes to cuddle with occasionally. Currently wearing a silver pendant with a picture inside, She never takes it off. Always wears a Shado-Pan Belt. Breasts seem to be strangely larger than normal Pandaren.

Background StoryEdit

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