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Serekh is rarely seen without his cigarillos.



Seer of the Frostmane Hold


Ice troll






Bon Vivant


The Frostmane tribe


Seer, devoted follower of the Bear Loa.


Chakide (father, deceased), Marpesia (wife), numerous children with various females.


Lawful neutral

"Youse be as lively standing up as lying down, madanm." -Serekh the Seer


Serekh (or Serekh the Seer) is an elderly troll of the Frostmane Hold . While many detest Serekh for his somewhat free-spirited views, he is also respected for his abilities as a Seer . Having successfully predicted several important events he has earned a certain standing within the tribe. Despite his obnoxious and annoying ways, the Seer can be quite charming and never seems to have trouble in finding female company.

As he frequently travels, Serekh, unlike many of his fellow frostmanes is rather well aware of the events and happenings outside the lands of the tribe. He has lately taken interest in teaching the way of the Loa to his daughter Amri, perhaps hoping she'd continue on the path of becoming a Seer too.


Serekh is slightly taller than the average frostmane male, but his build is slim. He is very rarely seen carrying weapons, save for his bear-pawed staff that acts more as a status symbol than actual weapon. Despite the years slowly getting to him, his posture still remains good. He has surprisingly few piercings and no visible tattoos, something that is unusual for someone who dwells in spiritual matters and serves the Loa as devotedly as he does. He paints his face for ceremonial rites but apart from that appears to lean on his charisma rather than looks.

Serekh's skin has a purplish tone to it, perhaps as a result of old age. His hair is white, long and shaved off (or balding but this he'd never admit) from the top of his head. A deep, gruesome scar runs across his face and when he smiles the effect is bizarre, like his smile would stretch just a bit too wide. Some villagers rumour that the Seer obtained the scar as a result for having his way with someone else's wife, but many doubt this for were it true, "the Seer probably would not have no unscarred spot on his whole body". Apart from the occasional ceremonial paint, the Seer seems to take some interest on his nails that are always clean, well polished and glass-like. He seems to favor bright colors, and never wears black.


All illustration(s) by Zorita of the Frostmane Hold. Unauthorized copying, lending etc prohibited.

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