Shalla Zaram

Organization type



Sealgair Swiftflight

Secondary leaders

Orthos Sunblade, Arli Sunblade






Shalla Zaram is a group of subtle operatives that work together to the benefit of Silvermoon City and the Sin'Dorei. They are not to be considered as being part of the Silvermoon City military force and will operate independently; at need they will call out / offer the support of fellow organizations as long as it is to the benefit of the Sin'Dorei and Shalla Zaram. Following the original mission of the Farstriders, this group is intended to seek and destroy every potential enemy of Silvermoon and Sin'Dorei society from all over Azeroth and beyond. The means of succeeding in such a task will be focused on espionage, intelligence gathering, swift stealth attacks or persistent guerrilla attacks. Due to the small numbers, Shalla Zaram will not single-handed engage in a large scale war, but will rather support the larger military force of Silvermoon with missions beyond enemy lines. In addition, Shalla Zaram will be open to any form of collaboration with factions that will bring profit by accepting missions of any kind as long as they don't interfere with their purpose.


The activity of this group will consist of missions that are intended to better the Shalla Zaram individual and weaken/destroy the enemy. Training missions will be held on a regular basis where the individual can tests its skills against friends and allies. Training missions can also be done beyond enemy lines where weaker targets will be annihilated by putting in practice several strategic concepts, starting from teamwork to divide and conquer.

The members of Shalla Zaram will be influenced and will be recommended to know of himself/herself's roots and of Sin'Dorei society before daring to know the enemy. Other missions will be strictly focused on intelligence gathering, sabotage and assaults against enemy outposts. Such missions will be lead by a single individual at choice and will be done in an organized and disciplined manner in order to assure maximum damage with minimum losses.

OOC InfoEdit

The guild is recruiting all levels of hunters and rogues, but blood elf only of course. We will run missions to scout and attack enemy bases as well as operations to gather intelligence. We will involve all levels in guild activites, seeing it as training for the lower levels.

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