Shimmer of Destiny




Patrisia Bensome and Leroni Mistshore

Secondary leaders

Erethan Darkwood


Humans, Worgens

The Shimmer of DestinyEdit


When Fenrar from Sons of Fenrar disappeared and never came back, the "pack" didn't know what to do. So the "pack" shattered and the members were scattered in the wind. So Patrisia Bensome (Fenrars adopted daughter) took it upon herself, with the help with Leroni Mistshore (her husband to be) and Erethan Darkwood, to carry on the legacy of her father. So she gathered all the former members and made a new community for herself and the others in Ambermill. Shimmer of Destiny resides at this moment in Ambermill and consists of many old members of SoF and many new ones. Where Patrisia and Leroni strive to make this community a big one and a friendly one.

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