Wolf Sister


Ozula'Shan (adopted mother)




The Frostmane tribe, the gurubashi Empire (runaway), the Darkspear tribe (born), The Sisterhood

Languages spoken

Trollish, orcish


No information

Coming soon!

All illustration(s) by Zorita of the Frostmane Hold. Any lending, copying and other unauthorized use prohibited.

Being a good friend and a mentor to many faithful servants of the Second Gurubashi Empire, Shyrendora suddenly disappeared.

Nothing was clear about it, nor she was spotted anymore within the Stranglethorn.

However, there were rumors among few trolls that she might had escaped to the distant northern lands, and even various claims of recognizing her among different troll tribes... Anyway, most of those rumors were stifled.

As anyone abandoning the the Empire is no longer greeted by its members, to say the least, there will be no return for her.

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