Sin by enmi-d4gnihx

Lady Fawne Whitecastle

Sin - Knight of the Void

Fawne Westwind was born youngest into a big family of traveling merchants along with her twin sister Yreni. The family traveled around with a caravan, and the exact birthplace and age of the twins is unknown.

Living as a common street rat, getting by on thievery and part time jobs, such as hunting and selling meat and skins to merchants, Fawne managed to survive despite poverty and constant bad luck. She had a habit of drinking too much, gambling or getting into bar fights with thugs. Her reckless impulsive personality always got her into trouble, but she loved it.

An addiction to the thrill of danger and the gathering of stories, both her own and others, inspired her to write books. An endless curiosity made her strive towards new, greater things, to make her life into a tale of adventure.

Recent time:

Fawne met Vincent Whitecastle during a confusing time in her life. The leader of the Ravenholdt Sanctuary took her on as his apprentice, giving her the code-name Fox. Trained at the Ravenholdt Manor by Vincent himself, Fawne learned the hard way how to fight and how to take a life.

After almost a year in the Ravenholdt, slowly climbing the ranks, Fawne got sick of it all for personal reasons and left, knowing the consequences would be dire if she got caught. Once she was brought back she expected execution for her betrayal, but instead she was offered so much more.

She has now been granted the new code name 'Sin' as a sign of her deceit. She has risen from being Vincent Whitecastles apprentice to stand by his side as Lady Whitecastle. She leads the archers of the Ravenholdt Sanctuary and has devoted her life to the task, leaving the old reckless troublemaker of a girl behind.

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