Sunset in the blazing Tanaris desert. It is this evening that a wandering traveler decided to make way to the Goblin city of Gadgetzan. The sun is falling deeper and deeper into the grasp of the night. The wanderer peers over her shoulder. A sharp screech cuts through the air: "Light the fuse!" A green flash of light hits the wanderer's eyes. "We come in peace!" squeels another voice. The wanderer hits the desert sand and drops his backpack on the ground. Two cackling persona's loot the pack. The wanderer swings around his fists. As his eyes regain sight, she notices why her punches didn't land. She realises her pack is empty and she peers around. There in the distance, a cackling dust cloud vanishes...

The Junkyard Boys
Names: Smut & Smott
Title: Scavengers
Faction/Affiliation: Neutral (Horde pref.), Undermine,
Trade Princes, Rich People.
Allignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gender: Males
Age: Adult (Smott being older then Smut)
Race: Goblin
Class: Rogue (Smut), Goblin Tinker (Smott)
Occupation Salvagers, Salesmen, Crafters.
Trades: Alchemy, Engineering,
Spoken Languages Orcish
Status: Both very alive.


Physical TraitsEdit


A thick and a tad-to-wide helmet sits on the head of the Goblin, his eyes barely showing from the cover of it. A raggy cloth padded with tough leather plates hangs from his well fed chest and a pair of torn trousers hang from his waist down. Comfortable boots conceal his green feet and are obviously well used. The two eyes peering from underneath the cap glisten like tiny greedy diamonds and his cheeky face is stained with grease and oil. A few thick facial hairs sprout out from his chin and upper lip, making the picture complete.

3 word description: Dusty, Sneaky, Greedy.

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