Sprackle Sprogglebolt
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Character class

Death Knight


The Dark Sphere


Loyal Acolyte of the Sphere, Protector of Andrek




Fellíx Sprogglebolt, Edaktitus

Details Edit

  • Name: Sprackle Sprogglebolt
  • Age: Adulthood
  • Height: 3'8"
  • Weight: Around 50 to 60 lb
  • Body Type: Sprackle is quite tall for a Gnome, and due to his combat prowess he is muscular for a Gnome.
  • Face Type: His face is of a typical Gnome, quite roundish, and always sporting a malicious grin.
  • Complexion: Quite pale.
  • Eyes: Bright green, covering a large portion of his face.
  • Hair: His hair resembles that of a mad scientists. A bald dome, with wild frays of Green hair flying out around the sides.
  • Clothing Style: His signature disguise is a fishing outfit, but when not disguised he can be seen in grim, barbaric black armour.
  • Speaking Style: He babbles on a lot, cackling every odd moment and generally speaking at a fast tempo.

Background Edit


Sprackle wearing a hood

Sprackle nonhood

Sprackle without his hood

Early LifeEdit

Sprackle was born into a lower class family in Gnomeregan, his father a Gnomish engineer who never made much money due to his contraptions failing miserably, and his mother a waitress at the Leaky Cog. Throughout his childhood Sprackle learnt to read by constantly pouring over his fathers failed schematics, and sometimes even correcting them for him. He passed on his Engineering knowledge to his younger brother Fellix, whom was often babysitted by Sprackle due to their parents busy lives. However, inevitably Sprackle's life was turned upside down by the Gnomeregan incident. His parents were one of the first who were turned into lepers, and in an emotional battle Sprackle ended up killing them both. He however managed to save his brother Fellix and made off into Dun Morogh.

LUNA CorpEdit

Having been rudely ejected into the snowy tundra of Dun Morogh, Sprackle had to learn to fight for himself and to feed him and Fellix by any means necessary. This usually meant having to mob people, or pick pocket travellers. Eventually Sprackle met a businesswoman named Nianda, who recognised Sprackles abilities and together they formed the criminal gang, LUNA Corp. LUNA Corp dealt mainly with gems, precious ores and trinkets. Sprackle and his crew would steal the valuables, and Nianda would sell them on the black market. The LUNA Corp was a huge success, having over 100 members at one point, and raking in the gold. However, the gang eventually disbanded, and Sprackle took all the valuables, storing them at an offshore location in Ashenvale. To this day, the valuables are stored there, Sprackle accessing them whenever he needs to make some money.

The Dark SphereEdit

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Current statusEdit

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