"The Stormwind Assassins are a neutral group of elite assassins dedicated wholly to the Alliance’s goals, but willing to do the dirtier jobs. It is one of the oldest surviving organizations on Azeroth.

The population of Stormwind knows the Assassins exist, and the public relations machine has taken their reputation to the extreme: these are glamorous fighters, too talented to serve with the mere warriors in the army; they are stealthy people who work by the night, shrouded in mystery and barroom tales. Some children — even wealthy types — become thieves in the hope that someday they can be Stormwind Assassins too. No one knows who they are, but almost everyone claims to have seen them at work, although this is highly unlikely."

"Stormwind Assassins" is the project to form a rogue-only guild in the Alliance side of Defias Brotherhood - EU. It is planned to be a RP-PvP guild, focusing in fighting in small stealth groups. Here's a excerpt of the recruitment thread:

"RP is more than welcome, even if not fundamental. It will often revolve around World PvP, because this is the main pillar of the guild. Guild members are expected to try to participate or at least be respectful to maintain this RP feeling. Respecting RP includes other guilds, even from the opposite faction.

All forms of PvP are encouraged, but with special emphasis on World PvP. Even though Stormwind Assassins are expect to use dirty methods, the code must be followed:

- PvP flag always on
- Low level players are to be left unharmed
- No camping ("kill and move on")
- Oponents must be respected, particularly the ones we just killed
- Code does not apply against enemies that do not follow it (i.e. it is legitimate to kill a level 50 who just killed a level 30, or to camp campers)

Due to the nature of this guild, lacking the flexibility and most likely numbers of other groups, certain styles of WPvP are more appropriate. We're supposed to spend most of the time in the shadows until the time is right."

Common WPvP activities often involve assassination of enemy characters in stealth operations, although it's not unusual to join groups from other guilds to support them in their own fights.

In some ways it mirrors its Horde counterpart Vile Thorn, another rogue-only guild in the same realm.

For more information check or contact Kyph in game.

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