"We know just what we are, an' what we fight for. It all works out the same. We fight for the Horde, and its Warchief. Be it Thrall, Hellscream or any other. So long as the Horde stands defiant against a World that wants it dead, we stand with it! Sythegore... Lets ride!" - Overlord Bront Stormcry

Sythegore Arm

Organisation Type

Horde Military


Overlord Bront Stormcry (IC), Mortch (OOC)


Antul Blightblade, Ghraul, Helgrum Flamefist


All Horde races, Ogres (IC)

Current Status

Recruiting, spread through-out Horde lands

Sythegore Arm is a RP guild, created just before the Catalysm expansion in preperation for the upcoming changes to the Horde. Named after the Raiders of the first and second wars, the name was chosen for similar reasons as Garrosh was chosen for Warcheif - the Orcs were looking to heroes like those of old to help them fight a dangerous world, and the Sythegore Arm brought with them memories of past victories. Currently, the guild is mainly made up of alts building upon their characters IC background, though hopefully in the future will fill out to become more varied.

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