T'Isu Isudoria





Character Class



Winterblades, Darnassus


"Since the dawn of time" ...

Body Type

Typical kaldorie female stature, powerfull stance almost aristocratic.

Face Type

Ordinary female Kaldorei features, with tattoos.


None, by the years she learnt to live with them and herself.


Raven metal dark, set up as a pony tail to keep it from blind her eye sight.

General Demeanor


Height: ~200 cm

Eyes: white glowing

Clothing Style: Plate or mail armour, covered by her regiments silver gray tabard. never wears dresses

Speaking Style: tempered, engaged, aristocratic, Darnassian

Career: Officer in the Sentinel army

Prejudices: utterly despises all other humanoid races as less worthy living beings

Best Qualities: Strong keeper of her duties and believes, solve problems on a long term basis

Worst Qualities: only sees things her own way, believs conflict only can be solved by extermination of one side

Weakness: not able to cope with short term solution, her temperament

Hobbies: Her work in the Sentinel army

Talents: close combat with melee weapons, ambidextrous, metallurgy

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