Taldria Nightstorm
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Physical DescriptionEdit

Taldria has a long purple ponytail whith a small fringe which overlaps her headpiece. Red painted claw marks stretch from above her eyes down, level with her mouth. Her skin is light and pulled taught around her athleticaly muscular body.

She takes maticulous care of her armour, repairing and polishing away inperfections out of both pride, and an understanding of how fragile even minor imperfections can cause armour to become.

Early HistoryEdit

Taldria is a skilled archer and veteran huntress of the Sentinels. Being one of the many sisters gathered early on by Tyrande, as the druidic members of her people entered the Emerald Dream. Through the period known as the Long Vigil, Taldria improved on her existing training. Which, comparatively speaking, was extremely basic. However, the drive to become an effective defender of her people and hunger for a real purpose in her life lead her through her training to become the skilled elf she is today.

Although, battle scarred and endlessly tormented by dull pains from past injuries, Taldria refuses to back down and take the quieter life. She believes that her promise to defend her kin is her duty til death. Her..'maturity'... has in no means weakened her ferocity or skill. Instead the extensive lifetime of war and conflict has allowed her to hone skills to near perfection. Granting her extensive skills in tracking the most elusive of creatures.

She always travels with her faithful companion, an owl by the name of Nor'Do (Heavens Teacher); due to the invaluable information on an imminent attack which the bird delivered, from above, to Taldria, during one of their forest patrols. The news of this allowed Taldria and her kin to escape an untimely end.

Recent HistoryEdit

After years of fighting, Taldria yearned to find a place among the 'people' which she has spent her life defending. Although as stern and un-trusting as many sentinels, she could not escape her inherent need for kinship any longer. She saught to continue her service in the Blackmoon Sentinels but understood that she was required to prove both the value of her skill and good character to her Matriarch-Commander.

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