If thou want to be An Administrator of Defias Brotherhood EU RP-PVP Wiki, thou shall leave a message here with a short description of why should you be an Administrator. --Drustai

Administrator duties include (but are not limited to)

  • Fighting the communist spammers and fascist trolls
  • Maintaining the wiki and adding page protections if requested/necessary
  • Monitor the wiki for harmful and unwanted editing

Hello, i am Skarain, a roleplayer with about a year on Defias Brotherhood. I would wish to become an adminstrator to gain another mean to contribute and help the roleplaying community i have learned to love. Roleplaying simply stole my heart and soul, being maybe the most loved thing in my life. Whenever i see an oppportunity to contribute to the community or help another player, i shall take it, for the love of Roleplay.

I would be willing to lend my aid and waste hours after hours if it benefits the community. If you decide to accept me i "may" need a little help to get started, as i do not have previous experience as an adminstrator.

Skarain 10:53, August 19, 2012 (UTC)

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