A young druid following the footsteps of her mother Senna Bloodhoof has only recently come of age to venture out into Azeroth and beyond. Tenishta is a member of the Bloodhoof tribe in name only as her mother was one of the early nomads of the Bloodhoof to settle in Mulgore following the defeat of the Burning Legion at Mount Hyjal. Tenishta let a fairly sheltered life in Mulgore and for that reason only ever saw fellow Tauren save for the travellers that went through Bloodhoof Village. It was also due to this sheltered lifestyle that led her to never getting round to learn to speak Orcish or meeting many of the other mortal races. She has a rudimentary understanding of the language due to travellers in the village but she hardly ever speaks it.

Tenishta was orphaned a few years ago when her mother died in the early stages of the scourge war in the icy continent of Northrend and her father died before her birth, she was looked after by the people of Bloodhoof Village where she received lessons of druidism from Gennia Runetotem. Growing up, Tenishta was a kind, yet headstrong child determined to avenge her mother by joining the campaign in the north. However due to her age and lack of experience she missed that chance at the conclusion of the war having not been old enough to leave the village prior to the fall of the Lich King.

Several months on, she has finally come of age wish to venture out into the world and follow her mothers path as a druid.

As a Druid, Tenishta has a strong spiritual connection to Azeroth and its inhabitants. She is devoted to the Earthmother and always wishes to greet strangers with a smile (although unable to have much conversation if they are not Tauren). Dispite not being involved with the Scourge war, Tenishta kept up to date with the proceedings of the war from Cairne in Thunder Bluff, as such, she has a slight phobia of the forsaken, Death Knights and Warlocks. Half because as a druid it feels very unnatural to her, and half as she hates the Scourge for the Murder of her mother, she also believes that her father died in the third war against the Burning Legion, and sees anyone who meddles with demons a fool.

Her journey continues, although still in Mulgore, she is honing her abilities as a Druid to face the world of Azeroth and beyond.

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