Mijaan: High Commander of the Argent Guard

The Argents to DateEdit

The Argent Guard are an RP-PVP guild based on the Defias Brotherhood EU-WOW server. A guild filled with mainly paladins, warriors, priests and smaller numbers of others, are open to most classes provided in character they follow the virtues of the light. It is not open to Warlocks, Death Knights or Shadow Priests(IC*) whatsoever. They try to remain a neutral stance when it comes to Alliance and Horde, however its ranks are filled with simply only Alliance races.

Now known as "Horde Lovers" to many a Dwarf and Human, An elite sect of the Argent Dawn, they had withdrawn from the wastes of the cold north and retreated to a more simple life within the walls of Stormwind. Acting as ambassadors to the Argent Dawn, aswell as assisting Stormwind by standing in as guards for their city, the Argent Guard attempted to bring peace back to a city ravaged with murderers, theives, and many other different criminals.

Durings its stay at Stormwind, the Argent Guard troop went to the Plaguelands, in a Crusade lead by the alliance against the scourge of the plaguelands. But inevitably the horde joined the fight, Alliance and Horde alike were slaughtering eachother, leaving bodies laying around for the scourge to reanimate as their own. The argent guard left the crusade, vowing that they would never enter into such a distasteful warmongering battle again.

The argents took many trips to the plaguelands, slaying scourge and attempting to free the land, but without adequate supplies, they argents were simply forced back.


Mijaan, the commander of the Argent Guard, has declared that the Argent Guard will now move its main forces north, to Stromgarde, and stand along side the Arathorians, To

get supplies closer to the Plaguelands, in his heart he wishes to reclaim the land for the Alliance. However, he would not announce officially to the horde, of course. He maintains his Argent Dawn banner, and seeks to rid the land of all that is unholy.
Time will tell if the Argent Guard have what it takes to reclaim the land from the Scourge.

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