The Conclave of Magic
Banner CoM 7
The Conclave banner

Organization type

Magic council, Educational


Luthia Spiritwhisper, head of the Conclave

Secondary leader

[To be filled in], head of the White robes

Secondary leader

[To be filled in], head of the Red robes

Secondary leader

[To be filled in], head of the Black robes




All practitioners of the arts of magic, this includes enchanters, scribes and alchemists




Soon to be active

Required addons

Total Roleplay 2 (To be officially assigned a robe-color you need to have this addon)

The Conclave of Magic is not a guild, but a server-wide concept that has its base on the Alliance side on Defias Brotherhood EU.Edit

The purpose of this concept is to provide a living magic community to the world (...of Warcraft).

As of this date (27th december of 2011) the Conclave is in search for three secondary leaders who will act as heads of one of the three orders of magic. Please contact Lúthia via an ingame whisper or mail.

The three orders of magicEdit

The conclave is made up of three orders, each identified by the color of their robes.

The order of White robes house those who are pure of heart, and are more likely to help an old lady over the street then to take her gold. They act more for others benefit then their own. Their magical symbol is the quill.

The order of Black robes house those who are ambitious and cunning, they are more often then not the ones who would rather send a hex on you first, and ask questions later. They act more for their own benefit then others. Their magical symbol is the vial.

The order of Red robes house those who are neither benevolent nor malicious. They are the ones who weigh all their options before acting, They act equally as much for others benefit as their own. Their magical symbol is the scale.

No order is more valuable then the others, and they all have the same rights and obligations towards the Conclave as a whole, even though their opinions can vary greatly.

Note: This wikia is under construction, if you find any errors in spelling, grammar, or if you have any other questions, please feel free to edit them or tell me ingame. Ingame name: Lúthia

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