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Frontal Assault


The Alliance, The Scarlet Crusade, The Crimson Flame

The DestroyersEdit

The Destroyers are one of several squads in the order of The Crimson Flame. These 'Destroyers', founded by their icon member Chadel Resdon, focus on taking up the frontline of the battle. Their ways are rugged and their methods often questioned.

These are the Destroyers:Edit


Though there are no inherent restrictions on becoming a member of the Destroyers, its members are most commonly associated as fighters and brawlers. Even more however one thing stands central within the Destroyers: Power. Its members must have the ability to decimate a field of enemies using their unique and relentless talents.

Survivors lawEdit

You will find no medics or clerics amongst the Destroyers, as they are deemed unnecessary. Wounds and injuries are to be left for what they are as they will either heal by themselves - or not. The latter implying the individual was unworthy of living out the remaining of his or her life.

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