"For I am Gul'dan… I am darkness incarnate. I will not be denied."
— Gul'dan
Dumwatha Dark Rangers

Organization Type



Anzhul Smightsoul







The Dumwatha Dark Rangers is a roleplaying guild based in Undercity and Silvermoon. Known for its evocation and summoning, the Dark Rangers of Dumwatha search for Gul'dan's missing compendium, a series of tomes perputed to hold the secret of summoning a near omnipotent demon.

History Edit

During the Second War Gul’dan’s attention was drawn to a fellowship of High Elf Rangers responsible for numerous raids on his Stormreaver Clan. Yet his anger at the incessant skirmishers was gradually replaced by intrigue as his he grew to respect his pursuers. After months of observing the long-eared folk of the forest in secret, he came to the conclusion that the seemingly incorruptible elves could fall to shadow.

One night, deep in the Zul’Aman forests, the elves, on their way to reinforce a human encampment in Arathi, were attacked by a warband of trolls. The battle was fierce, but the valiant elves could not hold the trolls at bay. Yet as the last elf lost hope, Gul’dan appeared, summoning up a hoard of demons to come to the aid of the defeated pale-skins. The trolls, who were under Gul’dan’s orders, were mercilessly slaughtered.

The elves, suspicious yet indebted by Gul’dan’s act, agreed to follow the orc, who claimed more trolls were on their way. They travelled for nearly a week, through glades and paths not even they had known. And as they shared a camp fire with the summoner every night, so did they fall prey to his dark promises of power.

When Gul’dan eventually made his way out of the vast forest he was followed by a band of hollow-eyed High Elf Rangers, all of whom had sworn allegiance to his will. He gave them a demonic name, Dumwatha, and encompassed them into the Horde in secret.

Years later, when the Alliance drove back the orc tribes and their demon masters, Gul’dan fled over the sea, leaving the Dumwatha Dark Rangers without a master. Abandoned and unable to return to the Alliance, they befriended the very forest trolls that had once been their bitter enemies. As the years passed the band of dark rangers grew, recruiting select orcs from Lordaeron internment camps and, when the Third War broke out, Undead as well as tainted Tauren.
Recently the Dumwatha Dark Rangers have come forth, renewing their alliance with the Horde. The reason for their return, or what they plan to do, is a closely guarded secret.

Ranks Edit

- Darkbringer (Guild Master)

- Councillor

   * Corruptor of the Eastern Kingdoms

   * Corruptor of Kalimdor

   * Darkhand

   * Loremaster

   * Warmonger

- Voidgate Legionnaire

- Darkleaf Outrider

- Oathsworn

- Acolyte

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