The Duskbloom House is a line of night elves, each member of the bloodline having trained as a druid and most now remain hibernating, ages old they have served their kin in fighting the Burning Legion when called. A rather rich household, the Duskbloom house lies in the safety of Stonetalon Peak, where the forests can alert them of trespassers. The family is also noted to use Emerald Owls as messengers, as such few can be seen flying from the grounds of their home.

The Duskbloom household is rich with artifacts, many honouring the green flight, and it's aspect, Ysera.

The only current woken member of the Duskbloom house is Lyssia Duskbloom, an adopted child into their family, and as such is the only member who is not trained as a druid, yet still has been taught some of the Duskbloom's talents, such as crafting the bow Rhok'delar from a simple branch.

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