The Flame of Lordaeron

The Righteous Flame of Lordaeron, also known as The Flame, is the title and weapon of Arathoran Blightwood, The Lord-Commander of Lordaeron. The following text is about it's creation, and it's current owner.

The Righteous Flame of LordaeronEdit

The Righteous Flame of Lordaeron, was the title given to Arathoran Blightwood when he at Darrowshire, purged an army of undead Scourge, with a flame of righteousness to save his remaining comrades from death and ever lasting pain from Prince Arthas, during the battle for Darrowshire, the undead scourge's armies were matched 10 to 1 against the remaining soldiers of Lordaeron. The battle was unfair, but it seemed to last for ever, so much death had never been seen in Lordaeron history not even the Culling of Stratholme could match this onslaught, and there, In the thick of battle where the Blightwood Brothers, Coren & Arathoran Blightwood. By then Coren had already gotten the nickname Core, for his unatural strength for a Human, two board swords were his weapons and unstopable force was laid behind them, he fought along side his older brother, Arathoran, when their last handful of soldiers were surrounded, and falling one by one, Arathoran call for the Light's blessing to save them from this surden death. The Light answered swiftly, and impowered Arathoran with the Holy Light, and Arathoran used this to course a burst of Holy Fire towards his enemies, and make a passage for the remaining soldiers to escape. Their only chance where now, and Coren led the men away from the battle, with Arathoran behind them ensuring their escape. They arrived at Light's hope Chapel safely, those of the undead whom had followed them had been purged by Arathoran's righteous fire. So it came to pass that he was named The Righteous Flame of Lordaeron, commonly shorted to The Flame.

The WeaponEdit

The weapon called The Flame has the model of Sulfuron, Hand of Ragnaros, ingame, and offen attracks much attention to it. It was forged by Arathoran himself with the help of Coren Blightwood, the materials where several Orbs of Righteousness, and the best metal yet to be known on Azeroth. A special Orb of Fire was used aswell.

The owner of this pure and powerful weapon is yet Arathoran himself.

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