Kingdom of Stromgarde
The Banner of Stromgarde

Main Leaders

Queen Saihna Trollbane, Regent Anaei Trollbane

Secondary Leader(s)

Timna Thorgint, Eodan Haidren


The Grand Alliance

Capital City

Stromgarde, Arathi Highlands


Absolute Monarchy


Common, Arathorian

Religious Beliefs

The Ancestral Teachings, The Holy Light

National Mount

Arathi Gray Steed


Majority Human, Minorities of Dwarves and Gnomes, Mercenaries.

Overview Edit

The Kingdom of Stromgarde is an RP-PvP guild on Defias Brotherhood EU. A prominently Human guild it is infact open to all races and classes except Death Knights. Formed over a year ago by Saihna Trollbane the Kingdom now boasts well over sixty members most of whom are infact active. The guild itself takes part in many RP events and pvp events alike, aswell as PvE Fun-Raids for Role Playing gear. Saihna Trollbane formed the monarchy and kingdom with her then husband and King Vasgar Trollbane. The main centres of roleplay for the Kingdom of Stromgarde are Stormwind, Ironforge and Stromgarde. Arathor is an absolute monarchy with the Head of State having the power to do as they please however they are advised by the officers (See: Monarchy of Arathor). The current Dame of Arathor is Saihna Trollbane; Anaei holds the Regency which will expire, where-as she will then become the Ambassador and Head-Priestess when Danath Trollbane returns for the throne.

Forming of a Kingdom Edit

What makes Arathorians so different from most humans is their savage style of live. The Arathorian culture finds its roots in the days humans were still nomads, savages. Of all human civilisations on Azeroth, the people from Arathor resemble the early humans the most. Thus they (might) have a connection to the Vrykul on Northrend.

Tough the Arathorians ofcourse have developed like all of their race, they hold on strong to traditions. Resembeling dwarves in that matter. They don't like changing something that has been so for generations, unless it's absolutly necessary. Due to recent defeats of the Arathorian people, they have been divided if you look at their style. One group starts resembeling the people of Stormwind, the other group still hold on to their old lifestyle. There might be some tension between the two groups, but in their hearts, they are all Arathorian.

In the early days of the newly formed Arathor, they had to deal with both elves and dwarves. Due to a common enemy they had to work together on several occasions. Thus forming the roots of the Grand Alliance. Humans have a talent for being able to quickly learn something. They were taught magic, expert bowcraft, skirmish-tactics and ship-crafting by the High Elves of Quel'Thalas. While they learnt armour- and weaponsmithing, expert masonry and mountain-tactics by the dwarves.

After the great Troll Wars and several small skirmishes (including the battle of High Mountain) the Kingdom flourished. Many people left to found other cities and kingdoms. Including Stormwind, Dalaran and Lordaeron. The Arathorian kingdom fell apart, leaving the Kingdom of Strom in the Arathi Highlands and the six other kingdoms, which would later unite to form the Alliance of Lordaeron. The true Arathorians however remained in Arathi, not willing to leave their homes.

In the great wars with the orcish Horde, Strom played an important part. In the Second war, they guarded the Thandol Span, the passage to Khaz Modan, against the orcs of the Dragonmaw clan. It was King Thoras and his men that rushed to Alterac as soon its treachery was unveiled and secured the Kingdom by taking out the traitor-king. Later they put claim to the now ruler-less kingdom, but they never got it trough thanks to Deathwing's manipulatry and the assasination of Thoras Trollbane.

In the third war, the kingdom of Strom was broken by treachery. Members of the Syndicate, the followers of the former king of Alterac and sworn enemies of Strom, managed to cripple the defenses of the city, opening the way for trolls, ogres and scourge. The people of Strom were caught in a trap, fighting a losing battle, they lost all of the city, except for one quarter. From there they defend themselves against the thugs and creatures that now lurk in the city. Strom's leadership lay in hands of Galen Trollbane, son of Thoras Trollbane. Danath Trollbane, the nephew of Thoras, was presumed lost in Outland. Many of the people of Strom fled to Stormwind, with Lordaeron being consumed by the Scourge.

In recent years, the Arathorians have begun a daring task. Retake their lands and restore the might of Arathor. This mission was started by Thor Trollbane, nephew of Thoras Trollbane. He was second of Strom, after Galen. Thor began with gathering all the true-born Arathorians to his banner. After being scattered for so long, the Arathorians longed for fighting for their own home. Amongst these was Arador Dawnweaver, a ranger who had been raised in Quel'Thalas, due to the elven blood that flowed within him. After Thor gathered enough men, rescources and allies, they set out for Arathi and began securing the lands. Ambushing enemy forces and raiding small camps and outposts. They had several secret bases in the Highlands, saving them from retalliation.

When things started to look good for Arathor, cruel fate's hand was felt. Galen Trollbane was killed by Horde Forces who were after the legendary Trol'kalar or 'Trollbane', a weapon with great effect on trolls. And with the treachery of a man named Lysle Draknar, the trolls of the second Gurubashi Empire raided the hidden camps of the Arathorians, slaughtering all who were hidden there, while the Arathorian army was away.

Arathor's rise to power was demolished. But the army was all but broken. Fueled with vengeance, Thor Trollbane gathered an army formed from all forces of the Alliance and started a campaign against the Gurubashi trolls in Stranglethorn Vale. With the discovery of a hidden path, the first few battles were in favour of the Alliance forces. But the trolls knowledge of the lay of the land and their familiar jungle tactics started to wear down the Alliance forces. In a brief moment of anger and possibly stubborness, Thor Trollbane ventured in the Vale on his own, seeking to slay the troll emperor, Tziak. After a climactic duel, Thor was defeated and his friends found his body nailed to a tree, with his heart cut out.

With the death of the commander, the Alliance forces retreated from the Vale. Their allies urged the Arathorians to not fall into blind anger and seek vengeance on the trolls. Thus the Vale-war was ended, and lost.

The Arathorian remnants were now lead by Arador Dawnweaver. He was later introduced to Saihna Trollbane, an unknown daughter of Thor Trollbane. In secret he trained her, with the goal that she would become queen. In the meantime Arador did his best to keep all Arathorians together, promising a brighter future. When Saihna's training was complete, she made herself known to the world. Now evenmore Arathorians gathered to their banner, ready to take back their lands.

After a series of campaigns, they finally secured the Arathi Highlands. And they founded the Kingdom of Arathor, with Saihna Trollbane crowned as Queen. With the help of Arador and many other Arathorians, Saihna gave Arathor a new place in the world, a place wich meant something. They were now a true kingdom.
Now looking to expand their borders, Arador suggested to start a new campaign, to take back the Hillsbrad foothills and then Alterac. Tough at the sametime, Lordaeron was trying to restore their kingdom aswell. Working together, their goal was to restore eachother's lands. In the first battle of Hillsbrad, Arador Dawnweaver and Vasgar, husband to Saihna and king, were killed. Saihna was broken by the loss of her husband and the man she had come to see as her father. Sept. '11 Update

Saihna Trollbane takes the title of Dame. Anaei will be Regent until it expires, then be demoted to High-Priestess and Ambassador until Danath's return to the throne.


The Capital; Stromgarde

Ranks of Arathor Edit

=== NOTE: The rankings go both IC and OOC. The higher the rank the more authority, which means that if the GM (Queen in this case) says something, that's how it goes. This is not to display any form of authority or power. But to simply keep things in order and to keep things on track. If there is anything that you disagree with OOC (IC it doesn't matter much, cause that's all RP), you can contact me in private and we can discuss the matter. And that goes for both members and officers.

Remember, the old names of the ranks may still be used. But they may not hold the same authority as before. For example the Dortolo. This rank may be chosen as a Captain by the Marshal. But the Dortolo is no longer a High Officer rank, but a rank under the Marshal (the High Officer).

The Arathorian ranks:

1. Shar (Ancient Arathorian for 'Queen') / Thar (Ancient Arathorian for 'King') - The one/ones in command
2. Officers - Dekaru, Dank'thar, Dortolo, Atir'Magan, Atir'Servause, Orin, and Orima.
3. Noble - This rank is for members of the Kingdom with high standards and grand titles, yet not really any authority to command anyone. The Prince and Princess belongs here also.
4. Silver Raven - The Elite of the Elite, he/she also serve as the royal guard, which means while not on duty under their superior Officer they are expected to protect the Monarch. He/She needs to go through many trials to prove themselves worthy.
5. Veteran - A soldier whom has proved himself/herself a true asset of the kingdom, and has participated in many glorious victories.
6. Highlander - A soldier recognized as a true Arathorian, but still much is left to learn and to reach for.
7. Soldier - Basic unit, Backbone of the Arathorian Army.
8. Recruit - Fresh recruits, These have yet to prove themselves worthy of a full membership of the Army.
9. Civilian - Citizen of the Kingdom.
10. Koril - Exile of the Kingdom, for one reason of the other. This may differ a lot.

Upon being recruited to the guild, you're given the choice to follow a certain 'path' - For these paths, see below. Troll Hunter, Scout, Shadowmancer, Acolyte, Physician/Medic, Disciple and Blackguard being the 'first' rank out of the two. The second is achieved by being promoted to 'Highlander' (Berserker, Voidwalker, Ranger, Magus, Vindicator, Scholar and Deathguard), and the third 'Veteran' (Executioner, Spy, Warmage, Vanguard, Sorcerer, Priest/Priestess or Voidsworn). All these different ranks have different purposes, for example a Paladin will choose whether he will roleplay as a healer, or simple fighter, and then this will decide under which tree he will follow and be promoted in.

Dekaru (Ancient Arathorian for 'Captain'):
Silver Raven

Dank'thar (Ancient Arathorian for 'Warlord'):
Troll Hunter

Dortolo (Ancient Arathorian for 'Spymaster'):

Atir'Magan (Ancient Arathorian for 'Arch Mage'):

Atir'Servause (Ancient Arathorian for 'Arch Sorcerer')

Orin (Ancient Arathorian for 'Elder'):

Orima/Orime (Ancient Arathorian for 'High Priestess/Priest'):


Ranking Rules:

You've been in the guild for a while. You've decided you do like it and want to stay. How do you proceed getting yourself a better rank?

Civilian to Recruit - You've been recruited as Civilian. You now feel however it is time to get involved with the army side of the guild. As a recruit, you're going to have an officer that will see to you, give you training and tasks. You are first to figure out what you want to do. Different speccs may have a different officer, as we suppose the specc you have is what you will RP. Say a paladin is holy. Then he's under the Orin officer, that tend to healers and physicians overall. When you've decided your path, you contact that specific officer and he or she will help you out.

Recruit to Soldier - This requires at least a level 20, and a normal mount. You have been tested on various things, and given one or two trials to have this promotion. This your Officer sort out for you.

Soldier to Sergeant - This rank requires level 40 and an epic mount. It also requires a whole lot more training and more trials. It requires that you've been active and helpful, and attended as many events as possible for you. Once again, something that your Officer take care of.

Sergeant to Silver Raven - So you want to become the Elite of Stromgarde. Requirement for such a rank is that you are level 80, have an epic mount, and a epic and normal horse. This rank is appointed during special events. It also requires that you have proven yourself active on the character as well as on guild events. Furthermore it requires that you are able to take orders strictly, without asking why. When you reach this rank, you will receive a special badge that is made in GHI, thus it also requires that you have that add-on.

Sergeant to Captain - The Captains are chosen by the Marshals. Contact your Marshal if you're interested. The Captain rank requires total loyalty to the guild, both IC and OOC. It also requires that you're active and know how to make some small events and lead people.

Marshals and Royals - This rank holds a lot of responsibility. Only one that has shown themselves trustworthy and loyal to the guild may apply for this rank, should a spot be open. There are different Officer ranks, however everyone requires the same thing; Dedication! It also requires all that of the Silver Raven. It requires knowledge of the guild Lore. It requires constant updates on the forum regarding ranks and events of each their profession. The one of an Officer rank is also responsible for recruiting people that under their profession. They are responsible of creating repeated events for their inferior to help them evolve in their RP as well as ranking. Every officer is required to have GHI as well as flagRSP. An Officer is required to have been active and dedicated with the guild for at least 6 months to receive his or her rank, exceptions also made here if that Officer rank is badly needed or him/her has proven themselves really quickly that they are dedicated and trustworthy. An Officer may promote a Captains in their ranking-three. This person/s would be the one/s in command if the Officer is not present.

Laws & Dominions of Arathor Edit

Laws Edit

Arathor follows a strict code of laws and rights shown here.

Map of Arathi Highlands, the centre of the Kingdom.

These laws cover the dominion of the Arathi Highlands and any areas controlled by the Kingdom of Stromgarde.

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