Guild Background Story The Order of Natures Grasp was formed in Teldrassil after the defeat of the Burning Legion and the destruction of Nordrassil. The Order brought Sentinels, Druids, and Priestesses together in union to create an Order that would help protect Kaldorei lands and gain some control over the new events facing the Night Elf people. After the Cataclysm the Order accepted Highborne into their ranks.

Guild Leadership and Structure


The Order of Nature’s Grasp serves the Kaldorei people and follows the command of its current leaders, High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind and Arch Druid Malfurion Stormrage.
Within the Order we are jointly led by the Keeper Arkil Stormfeather and Commander Lomenár Nightsinger.

The Order is split into three wings. Each wing reflects a different aspect of NightElf society. Members belong to one wing and each wing has its own leadership. The leader of each wing and the Keeper make up the council, who work together to decide the direction of the Order. The three wings are:


The Officership of The Order of Nature's Grasp.

Blackmoon Sentinels

Our sentinel division. Strict soldiers, following the sentinel tradition.
(Warriors, Hunters, Rogues, Priestesses - both male and female)

Guardians of the Moon The Guardians consist of members of different schools of magic, be it arcane, nature or the Light of Elune. They have a subgroup for mages called The Wardens of Enlightment.
(Druids, Priestesses, Mages)

The Wildhearts of Cenarius A brother and sisterhood of elves dedicated to protecting nature and restoring the damage done to it by malevolent forces.
(Druids, Rogues, Hunters, Warriors)

The Blackmoon Sentinels

”Building grace out of steel!”

The Blackmoon Sentinels is an offshoot from the Sentinel army – an independent group, belonging to the Order of Nature’s Grasp. They answer only to the Lieutenant General Shandris Feathermoon and High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind. They are led by Commander Lomenár Nightsinger.

The Blackmoon Sentinels is a rather small group, made up of elite fighters and scouts. They are a mobile unit who will travel swiftly and fight where they are needed the most. The Blackmoon Sentinels rely mostly on subterfuge and ambush tactics, due to their small numbers. They are the masters of luring their enemy into cleverly made traps and exhausting enemies by launching swift, yet devastating, attacks, and drawing back into the shadows of the forest and then when the enemy least expects it; attack again.

The Blackmoon Sentinels are not bound to just the one territory – they will travel everywhere in Kaldorei lands, never staying long in one place. When travelling they rely on sabers and sometimes hippogryphs (if the situation calls for it).

• A Blackmoon Sentinel has to be able to keep her head in every situation, and never fear to do what others may shirk away from.
• A Blackmoon Sentinel is merciless when fighting and is not afraid of shedding the blood of the horde in the name of Malorne (or Elune, as the case might be).
• A Blackmoon Sentinel follows the orders of her commanders in battle without question, off the field however she is free to express her opinions in whatever way she sees fit.
• The Blackmoon Sentinels are generally distrustful of the arcane and a rather conservative bunch, probably the most conservative members of the Order.

The Wildhearts of Cenarius

"Who dares defile this ancient land? Who dares the wrath of Cenarius and the night elves?"

The Wildhearts of Cenarius is a family of elven brothers and sisters whom dedicate themselves to protecting the balance of nature. They share the strongest bond with nature among their kin and lay their lives and skills in servitude to maintaining a naturally flourishing world.

Many of their members may be druids, but this is not a criterion for entry. All members must have a close understanding and bond with nature. In peace, they tend to the land, and invest time teaching others about conservation and how to live in union with the natural world. When the forests burn, they bleed. If they are called to fight, they fight as beasts or alongside them, and can become vicious fighters rising up suddenly from the terrain around their foes. Those few who have survived a battle against The Wildhearts have not been certain if they were fighting elves, or the forests themselves.

The Wildhearts of Cenarius are taught to serve the will of nature and respect it's incredible power and influence, but in these dark times, the means by which they fulfil their vows now requires the courage and dedication of not just those willing to tend to the delicate flora and fauna under their protection, but to charge, baring tooth and claw to the defence of all that they hold dear. The Wildhearts of Cenarius stand on the cusp of a ravaged world, crying to be revitalised following the Cataclysm, and their presence to reinstate natural balance is more important now than it ever has been before.

The Wildhearts of Cenarius follow the teachings of Cenarius and many members have shared loyalties with the Cenarion Circle. They are led by the Grand Shan'Do Arkil Stormfeather.

Guardians of the Moon


“In our hands, we wield our faith!”

The Guardians of the Moon is an organization under the service of the Order of Natures Grasp. The Guardians consists of members of different schools of magic, be it arcane, nature or the Light of Elune. This small society of magic-wielders serves as a wing of the Order, and is deployed for different tasks to serve it. These include support troops to stand behind the first line of defense and put their skills to the best use such as healing, strengthening or destruction. Different tasks outside the battlefield include logistical and domestic use of the Guardians’ powers to aid the Order from its base of operations.

As their name speaks, the Guardians of the Moon are a group of spell casters, sharing the goal with the Order of Natures Grasp in guarding the realm of the Kaldorei, as well as the sanctuaries of the Goddess, Elune. They add their powers to the Kaldorei strength in hope that they may make the difference. They are led by High Priestess Eavya Morninglight.

The Wardens of Enlightment


This sub-group of the Guardians represents the arcanists of the Order of Natures Grasp. Slightly separated from the majority of the Kaldorei by tradition, these mages holds their own honor and bears their own titles as Wardens of their magic, but follows the same authority and ranks as the Guardians and the rest of the Order. They are led by Archmage Theraluin 'the highborne'.

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