"Every single thing, from the fences to the sails and from the metal to the hammocks, everything is refined in pure perfection, beautifully decorated in an old-fashion Gilnean way, and excellently kept clean."
— John Armstead

The Reckoning was the flagship of the Greyford Company, captained by Luxor Armstead, whose uncle later destructed the ship.


The Reckoning was a relatively small frigate-like ship. The long, narrow hull was crafted from strong pine, while the decks, masts and furniture were` made from fine Elwynn oak. The front was made from dull grey steel and ended in a sharp spike. Five cannons lined each side of the ship, and two pointed from the front.

The ship had three masts; all of which square-rigged with brown-yellow linen sails. The foremast of the ship, located on the first deck, was connected with the spike on the front by two stay-sails, one larger than the other, and had a small sail. The mast was connected by several ropes to the central mast, located in-between the second and the third decks, which held two giant sails, and a crow's nest. On its turn, this sail was connected with several ropes to the last mast, located in-between the third and the fourth decks, which had one big sail and a spanker. The masts were held on their place by ropes tied to the hull, and all featured the same glorious Gilnean flag.

The ship featured four decks. The ship could be entered from the bottom one that could be found in the center, called the Main Deck. From here one could reach the storage space in the front of the ship where the supplies were stored, located underneath an unreachable deck. From the Main Deck, one could find a door to a small tavern where privateers without a task could relax, behind which lied a room with hammocks, where they slept. Located above this room and reachable by stairs from the Main Deck could be found the Second Deck. This featured both the door to the captain's cabin, of which the part sticking out of the hull contained beautiful windows with stained glass, and the stairs leading to the fourth and final deck, located above the captain's cabin and featuring the steering wheel.

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