Deep within the woods of dusk lies a shire so dark that most would not even ponder half a second to visit it, but rather stay away from it as far

as possible: Darkshire. It's well known that this shire is being embraced by darkness yet this fact does not scare away every single person on Azeroth.

They who do pay a visit to Darkshire, or its citizens, tend to gather there where people in Duskwood still dare to relax for a bit.

The Scarlet RavenEdit

The Scarlet Raven Tavern (aka Scarlet Raven InnLoC 46), is located in Darkshire, Duskwood. It was once a cheerful and friendly place full of people relaxing after a hard day's work at the fields. Although the hearth has been kept warm, it now holds a more morose crowd, who sit by their tables and drink silently while the darkness presses in on the tavern outside.

Recent activities at The Scarlet RavenEdit

Recently it got a bit more crowdy inside this tavern as the innkeeper, also known as miss Trelayne, hired some staff. These two young lads, "Croi" and "Feint", are attracting quite some visitors.

Visitors of all kind: Friends, odd travellers, cultists and everything in that trend of being shady. Apparently all these visitors are appriciating the ace quality that these two young innkeepers provide.

Croi and Feint made sure to stock up various kinds of alcohol and cigars, one of the few new features they brought along with them to The Scarlet Raven.


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