The Shadowstalkers


Royal assassins of the Dark lady Sylvanas


Klaudia Gregorian (Speaker of Sylvanas)


Prenoir Rilva, headmaster

Buntasi, Teacher of the holy arts

Tholkar, Arms trainer

Jujube, Speaker's Bodyguard


All races.


Lawful evil


Active, recruiting, executing orders of the Dark lady Sylvanas.

"Out of the shadows we come, to take your life in the silence

Swift are our deeds, our blades remain unspoken

Like a whisper through the night, claiming your last breath

Reapers of the unholy, a warning in the darkness

On bloodied wings we come, to grant you the final sleep

For our dark lady, we are death unseen"

Guild description:Edit

The Shadowstalkers is a roleplaying, pvp and raiding guild. The Shadowstalkers is a group of assassins created by Lady Sylvanas as a counter weight to the Deathstalkers led by Lord Varimathras, who, until recently, ruled the Undercity together with the Dark Lady. She realized, that Varimathras some day might betray her and instructed the shadowstalkers to be on guard. When the day came, when he revealed his betrayal, the shadowstalkers were ready and fought valiantly to defend their mistress and helped defeat Varimathras. The surviving servants of Varimathras, the Deathstalkers, was offered acceptance into the Shadowstalkers if they swore allegiance to Sylvanas.

Because the leaders of Shadowstalkers allow races other than Forsaken to join their ranks, they have grown more and more unpopular among Sylvanas followers. This has recently culminated in the execution of many shadowstalkers and the exile to Western Plaguelands for the lucky few survivors. Here, they have created an academy, that serves as training facility for new recruits and base of operations from where the plans of retaking the Undercity are created.


The guild is IC organized in a number of teachers, who all are trusted members of the Shadowstalkers.


  • Klaudia - Speaker of Sylvanas, Teacher of demonology
  • Prenoir - Headmaster of the academy, Teacher of the arcane arts
  • Jujube - Speaker's Bodyguard
  • Buntasi - Teacher of the holy arts

Non RP rank

  • Buntasi - Guildmaster
  • Prenoir - Officer
  • Ulamog - Raid Officer
  • Yumiai - PVP Officer

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