The Venture Trade Initiative



Master Trader

IconSmall Human Female Linda Riestaen


Active and recruiting


"Your friends in every venture!"

The Venture Trade Initiative is a newly founded branch of the Venture Co. world spanning enterprise aimed to establish prosperous trade routes with both the Horde and the Alliance. Knowing that there has been many run-ins with would be heroes who have previously hampered their operations in other parts of the world, the Venture Trade Initiative seeks to soothe the bad blood between many citizens of the larger factions in an attempt to further trade relations. Already you may find a Venture Trade Initiative representative walking the streets nearby.

Business Plan Edit

The Venture Trade Initiative seeks to exploit serve the public by selling them their Venture Co. award winning products or providing them with their many different excellent services. They also attempt to market these to the general public via excessive advertising and general marketing.

Products Edit

The Venture Trade Initiative has large venue of products that they advertise ostensibly to the public, ranging from revitalizing juice and designer cups to diet subtitutes and animal growth boosters. With their world spanning operations they have no trouble getting their hands on the raw materials for these products.

Services Edit

They have also been known to help individuals seek out certain sought after objects upon requests, such as concert tickets to the Elite Tauren Chieftains and white kittens, no questions asked. Wealthy individuals may even commission certain contraptions or works of art to be made for them.

Known members Edit

Name Position
IconSmall Human FemaleLinda Riestaen Master Trader
IconSmall DarkIron MaleThrakel Trader

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