Rayne "Timna" Lieuth
Timna Void Specialmade


"Prowleye", Freelancing Artist, Spymistress











Character Class



Chaotic Neutral




Clay Farglade



Timna when she was among the Arathorians.

Timna seems to have reached an age of maturity, her scars remaining proof of old deeds and memories. Her hair is let out albeit a tad messy, but a small effort of keeping it tidy may be noticed. The hair, rich in colour, seems to carry a reddish-brown hue more commonly known as chestnut; her eyes giving next to no contrast with their dark brown. Her gaze seems calm and controlled, but can turn sharply between natural softness to a murderous glare.

The woman, when carrying armour, keeps it patched up and ready for battle but appears short and frail beneath it. Without the armour she carries either semi-casual clothing, or completely casual; however, this does not stop her from the constant watch she keeps on her surroundings.

Her attitude varies greatly from person to person. She seems greatly focused these days, but that doesn’t stop her from keeping a smile on her lips at occasions.


"I'm never.. going to complain.. about the cold.. ever, again.." '- Timna after having to pick a flower that sprouts only moments after the flame of a dragon, normally growing at the Ruby Sanctum.

"There's only one thing I ask of my scouts, my soldiers. And that is, to prove me wrong." - Timna explaining to one of her scouts what she expects.

"What people were does not matter. What they can become, does." - Timna speaking to Vulture, the Grand Master of the Ravenholdt Sanctuary.

"How can I seek forgiveness with what does not exist?" - Timna speaking to Adenah Thorgint about the Ancestors and Orthur's will that she seeks forgiveness among them.

"I suppose I've always known where I truly belong." - Timna about the Sanctuary.

"I am the eyes and the ears of the Vulture, but I cannot be his voice." - During work.


Oddly enough, a woman called "Timna" that matches this one's criteria does not exist in the census.

However, figuring and knowing of her background a little and with research, one may find something.

(Contact me in game for further information.)
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