Veleisa Fireleaf




Blood Elf


The Farstriders




Anoterion Fireleaf (husband)

The PastEdit

Veleisa was born into an ordinary family. Her father was a blacksmith and her mother a teacher of magic. Her parents had plenty of big plans for their daughter before she was born, but most of them were shattered during the first years of her childhood as they found out their child was mute.

When she became of age, she found herself in an arranged marriage with a man she barely even knew. Her days were mostly filled with cleaning their house, fixing her husband's broken armor, and listening to him brag about his accomplishments. She desperately wanted to be someone; to do something meaningful, instead of being trapped in her boring housewife-life forever.

While her husband was working, she often sneaked out and found herself observing a group of farstriders training with their bows. She was becoming a familiar sight in their daily routines, until one day one of the farstriders walked over to her and jokingly asked her to join their training. Although none of her arrows hit the target dummy, she was thrilled.

Her husband wasn't particularly happy about his wife's new hobby, but eventually gave up and arranged a teacher for her. Her aim quickly improved to an impressive level, making her able to join and become one of the Farstriders.

The PresentEdit

<info to be added later>

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