Venelia Grey a.k.a Kaitlyn Foxtrot

Venelia is a very complicated woman, She has the temper of Wolf and the intelligence of almost any Magi in Dalaran. Born in Gilneas a fully commited Priestess of the light, She practiced light at a young age but her curiosity got her in trouble, Asking her father about other magic sources she secretly began to practice using shadow magic and was keen to learn it, After many months of practicing she began to perfect her moves and even one day got the courage to show her parents. After seeing first hand at what their daughter had been practicing all these months she was swiftly beaten by her father and thrown out of the house to the curb, Being rather young she had no knowledge of how to survive on the streets, She found and rapidly became friends with a boy named Siegmund, He too was homeless and living on the streets, He would show her how he got food, Stealing bread and other foods right under their noses they were a good team, Sometimes they got caught but they would make their escape by "Legging it". After many months on the streets she lost contact with Siegmund and began to rebuild her life from scratch, She would beg, Steal and get anything she could get her hands on, Her pockets soon became filling with money, She saved up as much as she can and began to make a living of cooking, Cleaning and fixing dresses. She eventually became rich and was hardly out of pocket...Edit

During the Cataclysm she found that things would be better if she could be free, But before she did so she would be captured while hiding in her cellar and brought before a Worgen leading the attack on the townsfolk.

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