Vile Thorn is a rogue-only RP/PvP guild that has been established almost five years on The Venture Co. Due to server decline, we are moving to Defias Brotherhood on 20th Jan.

Vile Thorn is an RP/PvP guild for rogues only, of any race and minimum level 20. We don't expect our Thorns to be good in either RP or PvP but do expect a willingness to participate in guild PvP events and to follow the roleplay style of the guild. The roleplay is based around the Thorn Mistress/Master and the Thorn guild and we intend to continue to interact with other rp guilds on both Horde and Alliance. Our Thorns swear allegiance to the leader of the Thorns and their Thorn brethren, the Thorns become their new family and are put before all others. The guild was founded by the forsaken so we have strong links to Sylvanas and the Undercity.


Vile Thorns

OOC'ly we are a friendly and mature guild, a certain level of maturity is expected in gchat (which is IC via the use of 'comms') and in the guild OOC channel. We try and run events at least a couple of times a week, including a weekly IC guild meeting, and we have ad-hoc things happening most nights, be it IC training, a drink at the Inn, a hunting party to kill Alliance or working together in a few battlegrounds. All levels are encouraged to join in pretty much all activities, we are a brotherhood and we like to reflect that both IC and OOC as much as possible.

We are not all pro-PvP'ers and we have a strictly-held guild rule of not camping our victims - one kill then move on (unless they come after us of course!). We encourage our members to remain IC as much as possible and of course to observe roleplay etiquette.

if you want to find out more then chat to any Thorn or check out our website.

We look forward to getting ourselves as well known on Defias as we were on TVC.

Shadows protect,

Vile Thorn.

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