"I am the Lord, as far as you're concerned, I am your god, I am the one who chooses if you live or die, I hold the fate of your very existance in my hands... I am not your old Master. I am Vulture."
— Vincent "Vulture" Whitecastle

Vincent Whitecastle is the current Tyrant of the Ravenholdt Sanctuary. He constantly trains himself and his men rigorously in the Ravenholdt Manor, the secret and highly guarded mountain headquarters.

Born without onto the streets of Stormwind, Vincent was nothing but a street-rat and an


Vulture, Grand Master of the Sanctuary.

orphan. His last name is unknown to him and so he felt it necessary to fabricate one.

Taken in by Whitker Whitecastle, his first and only Master, he trained to become a great weapon. Undergoing painful experiements that tried to push the boundries of science and magic he became powerful but emotionally stunted, unable to feel anything. For many years he followed Whitker, doing exactly as he asked and thinking nothing of his dark deeds.

At the age of twenty, he disappeared, heading into the North. Very little is known about his years in the North as he keeps it very much to himself, however it is where he gained the nickname "Vulture."

Returning and finding that his Master was dead, he was instruced to follow in his footsteps and lead the Sanctuary to greatness.

Other than the few stories that Vincent chooses to tell his closest members, very little is known about the man other than his deep seething hatred for Gnomes and Arathorians.

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