Vishfon the forest troll also known as Deathhammer was once a proud member of the Shadowglen Tribe, then a mercenary as part of the Grey Company before falling to the Scourge. Vishfon escaped the grasp of the Lich King and now hungers for blood.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Vishfon was born into the Shadowglen Tribe of Silverpine. Showing skill as an axe thrower and berersker, Vishfon would slay Human and Elf that came into troll land. When the Orcs arrived in Lordaeron, Vishfon like many forest trolls joined the ranks of the Horde.

Second War Edit

Through the Second War, Vishfon was able to enjoy the pleasure of bloodspilling on a greater level than ever before. At the battle for Quel'Thalas, Vishfon would become well noticed among the Horde, but Doomhammers plan to take Lordaeron would see many trolls left behind in Eversong Woods. Among these would be Vishfon, but he was quick of thought as he was with axe and disappeared into the wilds until coming across a small tavern in northern Lordaeron. This den of scum was home to the mercenaries of the Grey Company and Vishfon joined them in their looting and plundering as the war continued to rage across the land.

Grey Company Edit

As the Second War came to an end, many of the mercenaries left with their plunder to become honest men. Vishfon cared little for the gold and remained with the Company and would be hired by wealth humans to either slay to strike fear into their rivals. This wasn't the life fit for a troll, but Vishfon continued with it if not for gold, then blood. As the Third War broke out in the wake of the plague, Vishfon would find service in the slaughter of the undead and would even be hired by the High Elves to help defend Quel'Thalas from the advancing Scourge army, but just as expected the Elves showed little care for the likes of Vishfon and to save himself fled into the forest.

Scourge Edit

Vishfon managed to out think the Scourge for a time, but was soon captured by one of there Death Knights and turned to their side. Under the grasp of the Lich King, Vishfon would slay as commanded and would take pleasure in doing so. However as the Lich King's grasp weakened and the forsaken became free, Vishfon himself became free and vanished.

The hunter and the hunted Edit

Now free from the Lich King, Vishfon went on the hunt for Elves and undead. In the ghostlands he would spill the most blood and would soon come to the attention of the Horde and The Greywolves were sent to hunt him down. It took only two days for them to track him down and he was cut to shreds by gunfire from Nazzkhur Wildheart and Rukoka Stormeye.

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