Vrenya Collins


Gilnean human



Alive relatives

Terinia Collins (sister)

Outward appearanceEdit

Her hair is an untamed mess of dreadlocks and braids and she smells of campfire smoke.

One can usually see her carrying a small black satchel on her belt, with the letters J.S. imprinted on its side. Most of her armor and clothes seem to have been well crafted or tailored back in the day, but are currently in a badly worn state.


The Collins family wasn't a rich one, but owned a house in the outskirts of Northern Headlands, Gilneas. The father, Robert Collins, was a huntsman who provided food for the family while the mother, Edda Collins, mostly took care of household duties except when her aid as a harvest witch was needed.

Vrenya's sister, Terinia, was born when Vrenya was three years old. Terinia was never able to keep up with the other children, and was stuck at the mental level of an infant even after she grew up. Despite their differences, they were inseparable from the start; Vrenya being the one who defended her little sister from all the bullying children.

After their teenage years, Vrenya got married with a baker's son, Jonathan "Jonah" Stillwell, and moved away to live with him near the city of Gilneas. She often travelled back to her old home to see her parents, and her sister who was doomed to live under their supervision.

During the time of the worgen infestation Vrenya's husband was sent out to protect the royal family with all the other soldiers and their ways parted - perhaps forever. Vrenya took a risk and travelled back to her old home to check up on her family. Upon arrival, she found the house trashed and her parents dead, but Terinia was nowhere to be found. The basement of the house became her new safe haven while she tried to come up with a plan to survive. Mostly her days were filled with waiting, and shooting down any worgen that made the mistake of approaching the house. After all the food rations ran out, she was forced to make her way back to civilization... or what ever was left of it.

After the evacuation of Gilneans, both cursed and those who miraculously had avoided getting bitten, she arrived to Darnassus. Not long after arrival, a strangely behaving worgen approached her. At first it was difficult to make out what the worgen wanted to say, but the quirks and mannerism was definitely those of her sister Terinia. They had found eachother once again.

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