The Wardens of Aere Ilan hail from an Archipel of Islands south-east of the Eastern Kingdoms. The inhabitants of the Islands left Arathor after the Troll War, to establish a homeland for their tribe. As one of the smaller tribes of Arathor, the tribe leadership decided it was best to retreat to isolation. After sending out explorers in all directions, it was decided Aere Ilan (Our Iland) was best suitable for colonization. So the Aere Arotha (Our People) set sail for Aere Ilan. Feeling no need to break out of the isolation, this island remains untouched by the wars of 'big bad world'.

Wardens of Aere IlanEdit

The journey to Aere Ilan did not go so well. Many of the ships got wrecked and around 60% of the people that joined the great journey survived the great storm that hit upon the flotilla of ships. Those first few days were marked by chaos, with none of the tribe elders having survived the storm. This chaos kept on for weeks, until it was proposed to create an executive board which members were elected by lot for 50 days. Tribe faith, directed by the idea of predestination made it easy to embrace this form of government as legal as lot was obviously an expression of destiny. In those days of restoring order, finding survivors and building new homes, a small group of warriors became the right hand of the executive board (now called the Island Council) and kept order amongst the tribesmen; they became the Wardens.

After years of skirmishing with the small number of Zrollari (Trolls) inhabiting one of the other islands in the archipel, a group of Wardens, unhappy with the course of the Zrollari War, rebelled against the Island Council. They elected one of their Wardens as Elektai (King), kept a modified Island Council for managing anything but War, Order and the appointment of Wardens. The elected king Iohannes Grunlande was a great strategist and within 3 years all trolls were systematicly eradicated by a tactic of Shock and Awe. No troll has been sighted for centuries. The Wardens became the most powerful group in Aere Ilan: responsable for electing a king and populating the Island Council (the appointment by lot was dropped for appointment by election of warden candidates by the commoners).

With no external threats, the Wardens turned to securing internal dominance. The Aere Ilan archipel was divided into zones, with each Warden receiving a zone of control it has to keep in order and has to tax (corruption is almost not possible though, since the Royal Bureaucracy knows very detailled about the potential output of an area). Membership has over the years become hereditary, although the king (currently queen Ilyane Faerlande) is still being elected by the wardens. They are very much like the nobility in the other human kingdoms, although the class cleavages are far more rigid and caste like.

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