Xavier Silverblood


No information


Magister of Silvermoon, Inquisitor


Lawful Evil




Furore Silverblood

Summarized in one sentence; Xavier Silverblood is a Mage with lust for power and beautiful women. However, one would have to gain his trust to learn his true motivations behind this search for power. He would act friendly to most of those around him, but if he believes a person is not of use to him in any way, he can be quite disrespectful. Xavier is not a man that would do something for someone else, if it did not benefit him one way or the other.

His path to reach the Magister's License was quite gruesome. A few years after he left his family estate to study under the Magisters, it became apparent that the Silverblood family was sheltering fugitives, anarchists, and even worse: members of the Alliance. The Magisterium wanted to test Xavier's loyalty and ordered him to kill every living being in the Silverblood estate, including his relatives.

Xavier did not hestiate. He felt his name was disgraced by the anarchistic acts of his family. But he also felt a deep hatred for anything that could unbalance or weaken the power of Silvermoon (for reasons only people who truely knew him would understand). He sucesfully managed to execute his orders, proving his loyalty to Silvermoon and granting him the rank of a Magister and Inquisitor.

During the massacre at the estate, only one family member was absent: His half-brother Furore Silverblood. Xavier Silverblood still feels his mission is not complete until Furore is executed.

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