Height: Average (~6 ft)

Eyes: Light Gray
WoWScrnShot 072210 013159

Yurov in his disguise as 'Jack Kindman', together with Ariandra Vann.

Hair: Apricot

Clothing: Various disguises always covering the face and hair.

Speech: Calm at almost all times.

Age: Unknown.

Prejudices: Against all uncorrupted.

Best Quality: He's kind (when he wants to).

Worst Qualities: Doesn't care much.

Weakness: Holy Light.

Talents: Alchemy and research.

Scars: Sword scar on his cheek.


Early HistoryEdit

Until NowEdit


Criminal RecordEdit

Inofficially wanted for corruption.


I wouldn't call it corruption. It's rather a blessing. - Yurov Karkath speaking to most of his victims and/or associates.

Friend or Foe?Edit



- Jezzek

- Rohim

- L'via

- Corvil


- Everybody not blessed by Yurov.

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